Coco's Corner Week3

Week 3 Film study

  • Carson Wentz is hands down the best player on the Eagles football team. Aside from playing the most important position in all of sports, there is no other player on this offense that is playing with more heart, passion, awareness, and most importantly executing his job to the best of his ability than Wentz. Yes, there has been some struggles from Carson’s end but watching the film for several games this week those struggles are justified based on how disturbing the rest of the offense is playing including what use to be that All-World Offensive Line back in 2017. In the Eagles Week 3 matchup and in their Week 4 Thursday night matchup against the Packers, there has been plays where they just stop blocking assuming that Wentz had already let the ball go. Despite all units playing better on Thursday, there is still a lackadaisical feel to how the WRs are running routes and the Offensive Line is blocking as it relates to the rhythm in the passing game. Most of this blame must fall on the coaches though despite contrary belief that Doug Pederson and company are one of the top groups in the league it hasn’t reflected much the last 2 seasons so far since their win over the Patriots in that epic Super Bowl run in 2017. Tune in to our Views from the 22 podcast “Eagles Eye View” as Mo Schefter and I discuss more in detail about the Eagles team of 2019.

  • In the 2018, I had Browns RB Nick Chubb as one of my top 5 favorite RBs available in the NFL Draft. I compared his style to that of now Ravens RB Mark Ingram who at that time was a key part of the New Orleans Saints. I feel like both runners are ideal old school style RBs that are being severely devalued in today's NFL but continue to show how effective and important they can be to winning football games if they are used properly. Both runners have exceptional elite level balance, with a great lower center of gravity to break tackles and finish runs in tight spaces. They have sneaky quickness to go along with great vision to see holes and explode through catching most defenders off guard with how quickly they reach the 2nd level. Both players are favorites of mine at the RB position and it just seems with today’s NFL coaches, they seem to not see the value and grasp the concept of how effective a power running game can affect a defense as a game progress both mentally and physically. In the Ravens Week 3 matchup against the Chiefs, despite playing arguably the most explosive offense in football, the Ravens kept the game close enough for a chance to win. Despite QB Lamar Jackson showing progress as a passer this season, he is still not a QB built to pass 43 times going toe to toe with this type of offense. Mark Ingram stat line included 16 carries for 103 yards which was a 6.4 yards per carry average. He had 11 carries through the first 3 quarters and 5 carries in the 4th with the last one coming with 10:40 left in the game. Now despite that possibly looking like a fair balance, I think that with Ingram’s style of play to go along with the size of the Ravens Offensive Line, who seem to be best at run blocking, the Ravens should be handing off the ball to Ingram 20-25 times to have better control of game flow. The same thing can be said of the Browns offense with their offensive line, specifically at the Tackle position struggling to keep QB Baker Mayfield protected. In their Week 3 matchup against what is another explosive offense the Los Angeles Rams, the Browns ran the ball just 23 times all carries by Nick Chubb, in a game that was very close all night. Tune in to our Views from the 22 Youtube channel for more in-depth Views of what I discuss in my blogs, as visual proof is what is more important than words. Thanks for reading.

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