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Week 7 Film Study

Jacoby Brissett

There is lots of hype and attention surrounding Ravens QB Lamar Jackson this season with his performance and rightfully so, but one young QB that is flying under the radar is Colts QB Jacoby Brissett. Brissett has taken over the Colts QB job after the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck just before the season and had been the Colts franchise QB for the last 7 seasons. Brissett, who was selected in the 3rd round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Patriots, was traded to the Colts prior to the 2017 season and ended up starting 15 games after Luck’s big injury. Now as the full-time starter in 2019 Brissett has been able to lead the Colts to a 4-2 record after a big-time performance against the divisional rival Texans, throwing for 326 yards on 26/39 and 4 touchdowns. The Colts were not able to get much on the ground, so they relied heavily on Brissett to get this victory. In this game specifically, the Colts used a lot of mesh and flood concepts to get the defense to move horizontally and have to chase the receivers across the field most of the day. The Texans who used a lot of man coverages in this game struggled to keep up with the pass catchers and Brissett did not miss these opportunities as he does a great job staying in the pocket, shifting to different angles and hitting the targets in stride. On the touchdown pass to TE Eric Ebron in the 3rd quarter, Colts up 14—9, they come out in I-formation 13 personnel package, with Quentin Nelson at fullback and reporting as an eligible receiver. The call is a play-action fake as Nelson runs to the flat at the goal line and Ebron, who is lined up on the left side, runs a drag to the upper level of the endzone after faking a few blocks. Brissett, who drifts slowly backwards to the left, throws a beautiful pass to the back of the endzone were only Ebron can make a beautiful one-handed pass over the coverage. Brissett is a big-bodied QB standing at 6’4 238 pounds and is your prototypical pocket passer with minimal mobility outside the pocket. He is almost Brady like in manipulating the pocket shifting side to side and stepping up when needed to avoid the pass rush. He seems to be improving in going through his reads as he is no longer going off his first read as he did in 2017 and delivering strong accurate passes to his target. I would like to see the Colts continue to open up the playbook to more vertical plays because I believe that Brissett has the upside to be one of the better QBs in the league as his career progresses.

Teddy Bridgewater

Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater has also been someone who has not received much hype but who also has improved as a player despite missing a lot of time in his career due to a major knee injury. Holding down the QB position for the Saints as future Hall of Famer Drew Brees recovers from a thumb injury, Bridgewater has been able to efficiently move the chains and keep the offense flowing without turning over the ball much. Now he is not the strongest armed or most accurate passer, and he has a lower ceiling than the previously mentioned Jacoby Brissett, but Bridgewater has still been able to make crucial throws, especially to Michael Thomas, to continue drives that end in points. The Saints still have great offensive talent despite the lost of Brees and is a well-coached team as Head Coach Sean Payton has game-planned very well and called a great balance of plays to help Bridgewater be successful and keep the Saints season very much alive. Bridgewater’s strengths seem to lie in his ability to read defenses and manipulate the coverage with his head and eyes to create openings for his passes. He did a good job handling the Bears defense and their speed by getting balls out before they can make plays on them. Despite throwing a season-high 38 passes, which I’m sure the Saints don’t want, he completed 23 of those passes and mixed with the success the Saints had on the ground, they were able to keep the Bears at bay.

Demarcus Lawrence

Going back to the study I did before the start of the season about the matchup against Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence and Eagles RT Lane Johnson, a lot was still discussed from Eagles fans about DLaw’s sack numbers against the Eagles in his career prior to their Week 7 matchup in 2019. The attention on Lawrence stemmed from comments he made towards Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson. In the study last year I showed how dominant Law was in terms of getting stops single-handedly. Despite not getting any sacks, Lawrence was making plays in the run game, pressuring the QB, and making plays to end drives and get the Eagles offense off the field. Lane Johnson wins most of the snaps in this matchup, as he should as the offensive lineman, but Lawrence does a great job beating Lane enough to make an impact in the game. In Week 7 Lawrence did just that, finishing the game with a sack-fumble nonetheless and 4 more pressures, as well as being disruptive in the run game once again. Football is 50% numbers and 50% performance, and the film proves that every single week.

Josh Jacobs

Oakland Raiders Rookie RB Josh Jacobs has been a very impressive runner thru Week 7 of the 2019 season. The Views crew, as well as many other people, liked Jacobs as the top runner in this past draft despite having limited touches at Alabama. He showed a lot with those limited opportunities, more specifically he displayed solid vison and decisiveness with quickness at the line of scrimmage and in tight spaces to get out of jams and extend plays. He showed that physical old school NFL style of running that many scouts and teams still covet. But now with the All-22 and endzone views available for the NFL, watching Jacobs run is even more impressive and fun to watch. He shows patience with short small steps at the line of scrimmage as he picks and chooses his way through holes which helps him excel in zone schemes. He has also shown great elusiveness breaking many tackles and some impressive runs showing lateral agility and explosive start-and-stop ability to create more yardage. He also still displays great power and forward lean with his pads to run over defenders and finish runs. In Week 7 against the Packers, the Raiders struggled in the air with a combination of a good secondary for the Packers as well as QB David Carr still struggling to get back to his MVPish form from a few years ago. Jacobs who the Raiders smartly took 24th overall in the draft, is doing all he can to keep the Raiders offense moving the chains somewhat consistently. Jacobs is an impressive player and will be an elite player as he improves his game. Hopefully, the Raiders can help maximize his talents and skillset.

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