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Week 8 Film Study


Week 8 saw many pass rushers cause lots of havoc on the football field as there were 12 guys with 2 sacks or more in their respective matchup. There was one guy who stood at the top with 3 sacks, and that was 49ers Rookie DE Nick Bosa. Baby Bosa, who was Views From the 22’s #1 player in the 2019 draft, has had a great start to his career. He is currently listed as the back up right end behind the 49ers newly acquired edge rusher Dee Ford, but Bosa has gotten a lot of snaps including packages where both he and Ford are the primary rushers on potential passing downs. At 6’4” 266 pounds, Bosa still shows the elite traits he showed in college with his ability to combine speed and power to be both effective in the pass and run game. He doesn’t have elite natural bend and flexibility like a Von Miller or Myles Garrett. However his combination of speed, power, and high motor to go along with effective pass rush moves has seen him pile up 7 sacks so far, including the dominant 3 sack performance vs the Panthers in week 8.  He also had an interception in which he just snatched a pass from the air, just roughly 4 yards away from QB Kyle Allen. Bosa showed his athletic ability to explode up into the air catch the pass and run for 46 yards before being stopped at the Carolina 9-yard line. Baby Bosa is well on his way to a Defensive Rookie of the Year award if he continues at this pace.

Joey Bosa

Another defensive lineman who performed well in Week 8 was Baby Bosa’s older brother, Chargers Left End Joey Bosa, who was also a one-man wrecking crew against the Chicago Bears. Joey was all over the field, finishing the game with 7 tackles, 4 of which were tackles for loss, and 2 sacks. Joey is the stronger more physical of the 2 as he plays the strong side left end, who’s main responsibility is to be effective in run defense. But at 6’5” 280 pounds, he is also a talented athletic player who can also provide consistent pressure on the QB as shown by his 35 career sacks and 7 on the 2019 season. Joey is a bit more of a technician than Nick is at this point in their careers as Joey shows a variety of pass rush moves to get to the QB. He also does not have an elite natural bend to wrap around the edge of the Offensive Tackle, but he has shown enough bend with his techniques to provide pressure. Look out for a film study of how the Bosa brothers each provide a great pass rush for their respective teams through 8 weeks into the 2019 season. 

George Kittle

The 49ers also have another special player that I’ve been wanted to discuss and that’s TE George Kittle. Since the retirement of Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, Kittle in my opinion has arguably taken over as the NFL’s best Tight End in just 3 seasons. At a listed 6’4” 250 pounds, Kittles seems to play bigger as he combines his athletic talents with an elite skillset as not only a pass catcher, but also an elite blocker almost becoming a 6th Offensive Lineman for the 9ers. Gronk was able to win his matchups with his 6’6” 270-pound frame and his unique ability to box out cover men with his body strength and long arms, big catch radius and soft hands. Kittles on the other hand wins with precision route running and good speed and quickness for a tight end, with great hands as well getting of any contact and catching the ball. But both players are top notch at their position in run blocking as both use great techniques, hand placement and great lower body strength and bend to sink their hips and power bigger bodies away from the ball. Kittle had another dominating performance in Week 8 against the Panthers going for 8 catches and 86 yards and helping pave some big lanes for the strong 49er run game. Look out for a film study on George Kittle as well showing his work on our Views from the 22 Facebook and Youtube page.

Jordan Howard

The Philadelphia Eagles have mostly struggled throughout the season at many aspects of the game but what can arguably be the biggest addition for them is RB Jordan Howard. Howard is not the most special RB, nor will he be put in the “elite” category, but he provides the most consistency so far at his job for the Eagles. Standing at 6’0” 230 pounds Howard is a traditional bruising back that Head Coach Doug Pederson has shown he likes to deploy in his offensive system. He’s a natural runner with great vision and great feel for space which makes him consistently decisive on where he wants to go on every single run, especially in zone running schemes. He has a unique ability to make himself small thru tight spaces and still have the balance to deliver or receive big time contact to achieve the most yardage he can on every run. Again, he is not the fastest or quickest player, but he provides the most consistency much more than the Eagles 2019 2nd round pick Miles Sanders who has big play ability but struggles to consistently get the most out of every run with inconsistent vision and decisiveness. So far, the season the Eagles staff has tried to give Sanders every chance to take the most carries every game but its Howard that seems to provide the most balance for the Eagles offense. It will be interesting to see who the Eagles roll with as the season progresses. 

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