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A change is needed in the nations capital

D.C. has been a mess from the top down for the past few months, and the politics has been no different either. Somehow there’s been this aura around Kirk Cousins that he’s not a good QB. He is still being treated as if he’s a fourth round prospect, when his production and talent is far from it.

His first year as a starter, he had a nearly 70 percent completion percentage to go with 29tds and 11ints. In 2016, he threw for 25tds and 12 int's while nearly throwing for 4900 yards. The views from the Coaches film shows that Kirk Cousins has improved every year in the NFL. He’s more comfortable with his footwork. His drop backs look a whole lot better, his release is better. He has cleaned up the throwing motion, he has worked on his anticipation.

Everything about Kirk Cousins says he is a QB who belongs in the NFL. Yet, for whatever reason, the front office feels he is not worthy of a long-term contract. So they decide to franchise tag him and let their two starting wide receivers walk out the door. So now, here we are in 2017. Kirk’s third prove it year in his third season as a starter and his best WR was supposed to be a former QB of the Cleveland Browns.

Kirk Cousins is second in yards this year with an offense without its most dangerous weapon in, Jordan Reed, an offensive line that has been injured and inconsistent; and WRs who seem to have all contracted a contagious disease known as “the dropsies.”

The morning after Washington got whooped by Dallas on TNF 38-14, I jumped on the always reliable, social media, and saw Kirk Cousins is now 0-5 on Monday Nights, 1-4 on Thursday Nights, and 1-6 in his career vs Dallas. But here’s the crazy; Did You Know stat of the week? Did you know Jay Gruden’s record in those three categories is the same? Shocking isn’t it? Yet, nobody talks about it.

Jay Gruden has proven time and time again he isn’t a very good head coach.  From mismangament of timeouts, bad play calls, and a historically bad third down rate on both sides of the ball. To paraphrase Rick Petino, “Jon Gruden is not walking through that door folks, Joe Gibbs is not walking through that door, either.”

Here’s another food for thought. The Washington Redskins have been the worst team on MNF in the NFL since 1998. They are an abysmal 5-21 on Monday Nights in that span with 12 losses being by double digits, and 8 of those losses being by 17+.

There needs to be immediate change in DC. The front office has been embarrassing, and the head coach is doing a good job of following in their footsteps. DC just isn’t a big enough town for Gruden and Cousins. In my opinion, Gruden should be the one gone, and Kirk Cousins better not sign anything long-term with the franchise as long as Gruden is there.

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